What it's an eco lodge ?

According to Hi tesh Mehta, the contemporary definition of an ecolodge is a 5 to 75-room, low-impact, nature based, financially sustainable accommodation facility that helps protect sensitive neighbouring areas.

Involves and helps benefit local communities, offers tourists an interpretative and interactive participatory experience; provides a spiritual communion with nature and culture; and is planned, designed, constructed and operated in an environmentally and socially sensitive manner.”

It must satisfy five of the following 10 criteria, with three embodying the three main principles of ecotourism: protection of nature, benefits to local people and availability of interpretative programmes:

1. Help in the conservation of the

surrounding flora and fauna.

2. Have minimal impact on the natural

surroundings during construction.

3. Fit into its specific physical and cultural

contexts through careful attention to

form, landscaping and colour, as well

as the use of vernacular architecture.

4. Use alternative, sustainable means of

water acquisition and reduce water


5. Provide for careful handling and disposal

of solid waste and sewage.

6. Meet its energy needs through passive

design and renewable energy sources.

7. Use traditional building technology

and materials wherever possible and

combine these with their modern

counterparts for greater sustainability.

8. Endeavour to work together with the

local community.

9. Offer interpretive programmes to educate

both its employees and tourists about

the surrounding natural and cultural


10. Contribute to sustainable local

development through education

programmes and research.

The only way to speed up sustainable design being a given rather than an option.

Source : Asia Spa Design . Rebecca Lo

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