August 22, 2018




Have you dreamed of retiring soon, and to a dream place, with good quality of life? If in addition you could develop a beautiful business in your new place of living, as  a lucrative investment...it's undoubtedly even more interesting.


Creating a Bed & Breakfast or a small Country Hotel, with  an 'eco-luxury' concept, will allow  you to make a profitable investment, not only in assets, but in a new income resource. 


However, it is essential to take into account some very important key points :


1. The location: It is vital to choose a place that is not only attractive to us, but also for the purpose of the investment. This is not a difficult decision, but can be risky if you do not know the place very well where you want to live and invest.


2. Permissons "on hand": At the same time that you choose your place of residence and future eco-hotel, it is crucial to investigate about the local regulations to avoid serious problems when asking  the legal permissions to open the new Eco Hotel.


3. The Business Plan: A feasibility plan and Business Plan, stdied beforehand, that will allow you to know the best business strategy to develop,  according to your income goals, and the  income forecast, together with a good Marketing Plan, will allow you to have peace of mind.


4. The Ecological charm: Being ecological and sustainable, is not a passing fashion. It is an essential factor that has come to stay for ever. In fact, it should never have been forgotten. Furthermore, a small ecological Country Hotel with services adapted to this philosophy has an irresistible charm, which also will put you in touch with a very specific and constantly growing market segment.


5. Eco Luxury Concept: Why  eco luxury concept? Luxury together with sustainability,  means above all , genuine beauty and comfort; the  luxury’ of long ago in services, products and food like  cotton sheets, local food , fresh flowers in the room and more  That will certainly be very much appreciated for your guests. 



And....good news, WE CAN HELP YOU! -


We provide:


1. Location of suitable property with both, location and permissions available.

2. Development of the Business Plan, with total monitoring  from the investiment and development to the launching and Marketing Plan.

3. An extraordinary team, ready to help you in every single way we can to develop your dream within human philosophy and relationships in a creative / positive environment.


If you want to retire to a lovely and charming  Country Hotel in a safe way AND create income....

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