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Ask your hotel these 10 questions to find out if they are really sustainable.

You want to book your stay at a hotel that you know embodies sustainable methods, but what things should you ask to be sure your hotel is really green? Check out our questions below and ask them of your hotel before you book your stay. By The Nature Conservancy Are you a member of the Green Hotels Association ? This association encourages, promotes and suppords the 'greening' of the lodging industry through membership. Do you participate in a program that allows guests to choose not to have their towels and sheets washed daily? Do you hire locally? How efficient is your waste disposal? (Do you recycle? Do you compost?) What kind of water-saving strategies have you implemented? Does the hote

How to Travel Responsible

BEFORE YOU BOOK YOUR TRAVEL: Research your route. Try to find the most direct route to your destination, and avoid internal flights where possible. Air travel is one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions, and most carbon is emitted during take-off and landing. Offset your carbon emissions. For flights you cannot avoid, offset your carbon footprint. Ask about your tour operator’s commitment to responsible tourism. Ask them how they minimize impacts to – and help – the environment, wildlife and local communities. Ask your hotel 10 simple questions to find out if they are really eco-friendly! BEFORE YOU TRAVEL: Learn a few words of the local language. This shows respect, which will ea


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